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Spotlight: Sexy Aphrodite Greek Goddess Costume

February 11, 2011

Character: Sexy Aphrodite Greek Goddess Costume
Accessories: Lady Roman Sandals , Gold Laurel Wreath , Gold Roman Arm Cuff

Model: Ashley Roa
Photographer: Tim Vo
Location: Fullerton, CA

The Ides of March comes around every year on the 15th of March in the Roman calendar. It was a festive day full of celebration dedicated to the god Mars. But today it is better known as the date that Julius Caesar was killed by the Roman Senate. March 15th was a bad day for Julius Caesar, but a great way for us to have fun in costume at a Toga Party! Guests come to party dressed in Roman toga costumes to become citizens of Rome for an evening whether it is of the Animal House variety or a more classical “Hail Caesar” style.

With the growing popularity of Roman toga costumes and Greek costumes, I wanted to spotlight one of our sexy Greek Goddess costumes. Photographer Tim Vo and model Ashley Roa captured Grecian beauty in our Sexy Aphrodite Greek Goddess Costume. Mythology has never looked so good. Our sexy Greek Goddess costume is sure to get you in the mood for love or lust at the next Toga party. It includes a white ruffle-hem mini dress trimmed in metallic ribbon and chain detail with tiered skirt and delicate chiffon sleevelets. Both Tim and Ashley agree that you are sure to make an entrance in this sexy Greek Goddess costume.

The sexy Greek Goddess costume really came together with the Greek goddess costume accessories. We added our Lady Roman Sandals, Gold Laurel Wreath headpiece and a Gold Roman Arm Cuff to achieve a goddess appearance worth of Ancient Greece. Greek goddesses are fun to accessorize with the gold contrasting the pure white Greek costumes and the strappy sandals wrapping up the calves.

The Greek costumes are generally white gowns or toga robes wrapped around the body in either a classic style or in a modern twist. The accessories for a Greek goddess or Roman toga costume should be gold in color to accent the costume in a more traditional manner. Doing a little research into the history of your Roman citizen or Greek Goddess for the Toga costume party makes the process more fun and gives you a great conversation piece. Grecian women most commonly have wavy, brunette hair making a Costume Wig another great addition to really complete your costume.

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Quote of the Day: “Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior.” ~Socrates , Ancient Greek Philosopher (470 BC – 399 BC)


Spotlight: Wicked Red Riding Hood Costume

January 25, 2011

Character: Wicked Red Riding Hood Sexy Costume
Accessories: Fishnet Thigh Highs with Backseam , Traditional Lace Petticoat

Model: Lillian Eakes
Photographer: Tim Vo
Location: Orange County, CA

With the release of the new live-action fairy tale Red Riding Hood on March 11, 2011, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to share an exclusive photo shoot we did of our Wicked Red Riding Hood Costume from the sexy line of Be Wicked Costumes. Photographer Tim Vo and model Lillian Eakes brought a saucy new sex appeal to a fairytale classic character, Litte Red Riding Hood. Through our exclusive photo shoot collection it looks as though the not-so-innocent Lil Red is exploring the forest in search of the Big Bad Wolf. Temptation is at his door with this sexy Little Red Riding Hood costume.

Our sexy Red Riding Hood Costume from Be Wicked includes a stretch lycra mini dress, black waist cincher laced with red ribbon and a red hooded shoulder cape. The sexy Red Riding Hood dress features a sweetheart bust line and thin tank straps. The signature red hooded cape fastens in the front with a red ribbon. For costume accessories, Lillian added fishnet thigh high stockings, black heel pumps and our Traditional Lace White Petticoat.

The vibrant red colors of the Wicked Red Riding Hood costume contrast beautifully amongst the lavish, wooded landscape. Lil red seems to be watching and waiting. Perhaps even tempting the Big Bad Wolf in her sexy new costume. This caped cutie certainly doesn’t seem to be just on a journey to grandmother’s house. She looks perplexed, possibly about her intentions of wandering out into the woods again.

There has been a lot of hype about the gothic twist on the Brothers Grimm fairy tail, Red Riding Hood. Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company picked up the rights with “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke signing on to direct. Amanda Seyfried will don the cape for Red Riding Hood in this dark retelling of the famous children’s tale. As described in our previous post, the drama thriller Red Riding Hood is set in a medieval village that is haunted by a werewolf. Here is the second trailer that was released last Thursday for the Red Riding Hood movie starring Amanda Seyfried, Shiloh Fernandez and Gary Oldman.

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Quote of the Day: “Hey there Little Red Riding Hood! You sure are looking good. You’re everything a big bad wolf could want.” Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, Li’l Red Riding Hood lyrics.


Spotlight: Buccaneer Babe Sexy Pirate Costume

January 17, 2011

Character: Buccaneer Babe Sexy Pirate Costume
Accessories: Buccaneer Boot Top Covers, Jack Sparrow Pirate Sword Toy Weapon, Pirate Hat with Ribbons, Pirate Head Scarf

Model: Nikki Neither
Photographer: Tim Vo
Location: Long Beach, CA

It is snowing here in the Colorado Mountains and, although I enjoy a good snow storm, I started thinking about warm beaches and tropical scenery. So for those of us with spring fever, I wanted to share our most recent exclusive costume photo shoot. From the sandy beaches of Long Beach California, photographer Tim Vo captured the beauty of model Nikki Neither in our Buccaneer Babe sexy pirate costume from Leg Avenue! Nothing says fun and family friendly adventure like dress-up in a pirate Halloween costume!

The Buccaneer Babe sexy pirate costume from Leg Avenue includes a pirate dress featuring a sexy velvet waist coat corset-style bodice, attached red off-the-shoulder ruffled blouse with jagged cut sleeves, lurex ribbon trim, attached black waist sash with buckle detail and red and black striped skirt with a jagged cut hem. We accessorized this Leg Avenue sexy pirate costume with rustic looking pirate boot covers, a high-fashion pirate hat with matching gold trim and red ribbons and a toy pirate sword to ensure a swashbuckling good time! What we got was a scurvy speaking and sexy looking pirate lass ready for an adventure!

With pirate festivals growing in popularity in the recent years and the pirate-themed events at Renaissance Faires, a sexy pirate costume can be worn more than once after Halloween! Pirates from all over the gold coast are sure to appreciate the invasion of sexy pirate costumes to any of their events. Just because a lot of us are landlocked landlubbers doesn’t mean we don’t like to party like pirates on more than one occasion either. Nikki stated she plans on wearing the Buccaneer Babe sexy pirate costume to the next Renaissance Faire in October.

Nikki really loved the fit of the sexy pirate costume. She felt the ruffles in the blouse really complimented her bust and added that her favorite feature on the costume was the large waist sash that layered across the striped skirt because it added layers making it seem more complex and realistic. “The hat and boots absolutely completed this sexy pirate costume,” Nikki stated. So make sure you create your own unique buccaneer look by adding some pirate costume accessories for added character. “This pirate costume brought out a sexy pirate buccaneer mood. It was great! I felt sexy, fresh and tough… and fearless which was the best of all!”

I asked her if she struck fear into the hearts of the villagers in Long Beach, CA. She laughed in response and said that no one was afraid of her. Even all the little kids wanted their pictures done with her. “The funniest thing that happened on the set was the grins people kept making at me. Everyone who saw me wanted to get their picture taken next to me,” she said. And who could blame them? There was a real pirate on the beach and that is not something you get to see everyday!!

With the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides movie being released in May 2011, a pirate costume should be in order for your trip to the theater! Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Barbossa embark on a quest to find the elusive fount of youth, only to discover that Blackbeard and his daughter are after it, too!  Jack finds himself on an unexpected adventure in which he doesn’t know who to fear more: Blackbeard or the woman from his past. And who won’t enjoy the performance of Blackbeard’s daughter, Angelica, who is played by Penelope Cruz who wears a variety of sexy pirate costumes! Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has everything from pirates to zombies to mermaids! This will give all of us the opportunity to pair a Jack Sparrow costume with a sexy pirate costume for a great couple’s costume idea this Halloween!

So whether you are adventuring out to Pirate Festivals, dressing up at a Renaissance Faire or are simply dreaming of warmer climates, our selection of pirate costumes include styles for men, women, kids, toddlers and babies from petite to plus size. Shop our selection of pirate costumes, sexy pirate costumes, pirate costume wigs and pirate costume accessories.

Quote of the Day: “Did everyone see that? Because I will *not* be doing it again.” ~ Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Trailer


Spotlight: Sexy Christmas Tree Holiday Costume

December 14, 2010

Character: Oh XXXmas Tree Sexy Holiday Costume
Accessories: Opaque Thigh High Stockings

Model: Melissa
Photographer: Tim Vo
Location: Will & Linh’s – A special thanks from everyone for letting us use your home for the shoot!

Season’s Greetings from all of us at! I simply love the holidays and all that it brings! The smell of hot apple cider, the warmth of the fireplace, a view of my mountain town covered in a blanket of snow and the sight of a decorated Christmas tree! I decided it was necessary for us to share a holiday photoshoot with everyone so you can feel the warmth of the holiday spirit! We have so many Christmas costumes here at that it was hard for me to choose just one, but with too many clicks to mention I decided on a very sexy Christmas tree costume. Of course, Orange County photographer Tim Vo and model Melissa really pulled this one off!

The Oh XXXMas Tree costume is a sexy Christmas and holiday dress that really will add an extra spark to your winter season. It is a high quality panne velvet halter style mini dress featuring a Velcro neck with removable tinsel and ornaments. The Christmas tree inspired hemline is trimmed in colored lights and present prints. This sexy Christmas tree dress is the perfect costume for holiday parties or Christmas night. We accessorized the sexy Christmas tree costume with a pair of white opaque thigh high stockings and dazzling red high heels.

Melissa wore the sexy Christmas tree costume extremely well. I love how edgy she looks in it. Sharp! I asked Tim Vo what he was trying to capture in this holiday picture shoot and he responded, “A bit of sexy, mischievous and fun because that is how the holidays should be!” I certainly couldn’t agree more! Click here to view his favorite picture from the Christmas costume shoot. He loves how beautiful the Christmas tree looks in this shot.

What is your favorite part about the holidays? Aside from snow and fireplaces, I really love the chance of eating a wonderful Christmas dinner with a large table of family. Tim Vo shares his is “Getting gifts for all the kids and seeing their joy when they open them.” Yeah, way to one-up me, Tim!  😉

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Quote of the Day: “He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” -Roy L. Smith, author


Spotlight: Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume

November 15, 2010

Character: Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume (Tim Burton design)
Accessories: Button Spat Leg Warmers, Alice in Wonderland Costume Wig, Wonderland Rabbit Plush Costume Purse

Model: Kelly Ruiz
Photographer: Tim Vo
Location: Irvine, CA

We’ve received word about a new adventure in Wonderland that sent Alice Kingsley out of the rabbit hole a different woman. Ms. Alice Kingsley of Wonderland has come back feeling confident, sexy and ready for her next adventure. Let things continue to get more curiouser and curiouser.

The Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume offers the Tim Burton movie design, but in a shorter style with a form fitting and curve hugging fit. It still has the signature baby blue dress featuring lace short sleeves with the Victorian-era lace neckline trimmed in black ribbon. This sexy Alice dress comes complete with a blue headband with black bow and an attached black petticoat. When Kelly Ruiz was modeling the flirty version of the Mia Wasikowska dress, she was impressed by the quality of the costumes stating that it was one of the better costumes that she has worn and adding that it fit really nicely.

We accessorized the costume with thigh high stockings, a curly blonde wig and a white rabbit purse to add to the look of this classic fairytale character. Model Kelly Ruiz agrees that the Button Spat Leg Warmers are a must! She added, “They fit perfectly with the costume and are way cuter than any you could buy at a store!” The thigh high leg warmers feature acrylic buttons running vertically down the sides and are completed off with a functioning belt and buckle at the top. The long curly blonde hair on the costume wig will add an authentic look to your Alice in Wonderland movie costume and comes complete with a removable black headband. You can mix and match with the one included in the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland costume.

Kelly was going for an innocent and cute look in some of her pictures and then a sexier, confident look in the others. Photographer Tim Vo agreed that he was working on showing that Alice is sexy,  but she doesn’t know it. He agreed that the leg warmers are super cute and sexy adding that he highly recommends completing your costume with them! CLICK HERE to see Tim Vo’s favorite shot. He stated, “This is my favorite photograph because Kelly looks totally hot in it and shows off the leg warmers well!”

Attend your next Fairytale or Costume party with the sexy Alice in Wonderland costume. The new confident and sexy Alice Kingsley is ready for her debut. Watch out Mad Hatter and Red Queen, the new Alice of Wonderland is on fire!

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Quote of the Day: “I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, Sir, because I’m not myself you see.” Alice, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951)


Alice in Wonderland Costume Magic

October 6, 2010

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Tim Vo
Location: Irvine, CA

We followed the white rabbit for an adventure in Wonderland that you won’t want to miss. The officially licensed Alice in Wonderland costumes from the 2010 Disney and Tim Burton movie have arrived! We didn’t miss a beat and set off for an Alice movie poster photoshoot. Photographer Tim Vo has really outdone himself with these awesome pictures featuring some of our favorite Wonderland characters.

Model: Whitney Rose
Character: Alice in Wonderland Costume
Accessories: Alice Kingsley Wig, White Rabbit Purse, Buttoned Spat Leg Warmers

 Alice Kingsley is modeled by Whitney Rose in our licensed Alice in Wonderland Costume. She loves the innocent and curious side of the movie character and portrayed this in her photos. Whitney loved the black embroidery that trimmed the blue dress and added, “The accessories totally make this Alice in Wonderland costume great!” You’ll agree when you see the golden blonde, curly hair that make up the Alice wig with included black headband. Alice is accompanied in this costume photoshoot with the famous white rabbit in a waistcoat who constantly reminded us that he was late for a very important date. The rabbit purse is a great way to carry all your personal belongings while staying in costume at the party!

The Alice in Wonderland costume includes the blue, long length dress from the Victorian-era with a full skirt petticoat and striped glovettes. I simply love how it resembles the Alice movie dress with the novelty shell button details, sheer puff sleeves and antique style lace around the neckline. The fingerless gloves replicate the light blue and black striped gloves that Mia Wasikowska wore in the Alice in Wonderland movie. This classy and beautiful Alice in Wonderland costume will set you apart from the crowd!

 Whitney’s favorite character on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland: The Cheshire Cat. He’s so cool and sexy.

 Model: Nikki Neither
Character: Mad Hatter Prestige Costume

The Mad Hatter is really brought to life by Nikki Neither in our officially licensed Mad Hatter Prestige Costume. She appreciated the quirkiness and playful off kilter attitude that Johnny Depp gave his character and put this life into her character. “I gave his character a silly sort of goofiness with plenty of odd faces and expressive poses,” Nikki explained. “I loved the bow tie that was included with the Mad Hatter costume and the coat part was so much fun to wear around. It works for a number of other costumes, too!”

The Mad Hatter Prestige Costume is an officially licensed Johnny Depp version and replicates the one worn in the Disney Alice in Wonderland movie directed by Tim Burton. With mismatched style and attitude, the Mad Hatter Costume includes a faux shirt front, jacket, pants, bow neck scarf and signature top hat with attached hair. You won’t believe all the attention to detail this costume has to offer. The jacket features colorful spool ribbons that appear to be hanging from the hatter’s jacket pocket, antique style lace around the sleeves and embroidery on both the trousers and the jacket.

Nikki’s favorite character on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie: The White Rabbit. He is so symbolic for me and a really cool character.

Model: Kelly
Character: Red Queen of Hearts Costume
Accessories: Red Queen Wig

The Red Queen of Hearts is sassier than ever with Kelly taking charge in our officially licensed Red Queen of Hearts costume. This costume replica would make Helena Bonham Carter who played her character on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland envious! I asked Kelly what her favorite trait was on the Red Queen and she responded with a chuckle, “The lips!” You’ll notice she brought them to life in some of her shots. “The Red Queen of Hearts wig was really fun to wear and it totally fits the character!”

The Red Queen of Hearts Costume is a regal dress that screams power and authority. The Red Queen costume is a Queen Elizabethan influenced frock that includes a long length dress with a full skirt petticoat, Queen of Hearts crown and elaborate collar that can be stood up. You will unmistakably become the villainous ruler of Underland at your next Alice in Wonderland costume party!

Kelly’s favorite character on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie: The Cheshire Cat has always been my favorite Alice in Wonderland character throughout all the books and films. But for the Tim Burton movie, the White Queen was a very close second.

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Quote of the Day: “Curiouser and curiouser.” – Disney’s Alice in Wonderland


Spotlight: Speed Demon Sexy Racer Girl Costume

September 21, 2010

Built for Speed - Racer Girl Costume

 Character: Speed Demon Sexy Racer Costume
Accessories: Fishnet Pantyhose, Sexy Black Go-Go Boots 

Model: Allison Tan
Photographer: Tim Vo
Location: Asylum Motorcycles in La Puente, CA 

Gentlemen, start your engines! Things really revved up when Allison stepped foot in the garage wearing her sexy racer girl costume. She looked like she was suited up in the race track’s sexiest uniform. Not your typical biker babe, this woman is a true motorcycle girl with a need for speed. She owns a black Kawasaki Ninja 250 that she rides nearly everyday. When I asked her what she likes most about street bikes she responded, “They look sporty and are fun to ride. Good gas mileage, quicker than my truck and it gives me a sense of freedom.” 

For our Racer Girl Costume Photoshoot, we decided to spotlight the Speed Demon sexy racer costume. This 2-piece sexy racer girl costume included a black romper with checkerboard printed trim that run down the collar and long sleeves. A bright yellow stripe runs vertically on each side of the racer girl romper and comes complete with racing inspired badges around the piece. The plunging v-neck cut neckline of the sexy racer girl costume reveals the yellow triangle bikini top which you can display as much or as little as you want. “I loved the checkerboard details on the sleeves and the included faux belt,” Allison added. 

Iron & Leather - Racer Girl Costume

Perfect for a costume party or a trip to the race track, the Speed Demon racer costume is fun to dress-up with added accessories. Allison recommended adding your favorite fishnet pantyhose followed by, “The fishnets looked hot!” For those worried about finding the right size, you will be happy to know that the fit of the curve-hugging costume was true to size! 

The racer girl photoshoot itself was epic and everyone had so much fun working together. Photographer Tim Vo’s favorite part of the shoot was the bikes. “The other thing I like photographing when I’m not shooting for is motorcycle or car racing action.” He has a need for speed, too! “Everything came together really well for this. Allison was a great to work with and, as usual, was absolutely fearless.” He added that the image ‘Built of Speed’ was his favorite. “Everything is so perfect – the lighting, her look, the pose.” 

You WISH you rode like a girl – Racer Costume

Tim Vo, Allison and all of us at are extremely thankful to Andy at Asylum Motorcycles for letting us use their facility and providing bikes and personnel. Tim Vo threw out a special thanks to Howard for assisting throughout the shoot. Allison added, “Howard at Asylum Motorcycles was helped me with my costume as well as demonstrated and helped me pose!” 

I would like to close this post with a mention that I am happy to see a growing number of women motorcycle riders. I think most everyone will agree that there is almost nothing better than seeing girls on motorcycles. Show your support for the sport at the next costume event or trip to the track by wearing a sexy racer girl costume. Our pick would be the speed demon due to its form fitting features, checkerboard details and the character it stands for. 

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Quote of the Day: “Real women don’t have hot flashes, we have power surges.” 

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