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J. Valentine Christmas Costumes Heat Things Up!

December 5, 2011

White Holiday Bikini & Skirt Set, Hooded Jacket and Pom-Pom Leg Warmers by J. Valentine

Deck the halls with plenty of sex appeal in our new collection of J. Valentine Christmas costumes. This 2011 collection of sexy Christmas costumes is ready to bring the holly jolly spirit of the holidays to the streets! J. Valentine is referring to it as the biggest party of the year and has created beautifully festive designs for you to strut your stuff through the streets. I have to agree that the right Christmas costume can really infuse one with the holiday spirit as well as make the event so much more fun!

The sexy Christmas costumes by designer J. Valentine feature a collection of Santa-inspired dresses, coordinating bikini sets, skirt ensembles and furry leg warmers with pom-pom ties. Flaunting around in any one of these sexy Christmas costumes is sure to put you on Santa Claus’ naughty list. The clubwear-inspired designs will have you looking like a hit at the holiday party or at the club. I am going to introduce you to some of my favorites (not listed in any specific order)!

1. Sexy Santa Corset & Skirt Costume – It includes a red stretch velvet corset featuring black lace-up torso, side zipper and sweetheart neckline trimmed in white faux fur and a matching mini skirt with deluxe faux fur hem. This flirty and festive Mrs. Claus costume is sure to heat things up at any holiday event, Christmas party or to fa-la-la your special muse. I would recommend adding a Santa hat and petticoat (sold separately) to complete it!

2. Sexy Santa Hooded Mini Dress with Thick Trim– Made of high quality red stretch velvet and deluxe white faux fur, this hooded mini dress features long sleeves, thick black grommet buckle belt and a flirty zipper front that extends to the mid-section for that extra low cut! What really sets this sexy Santa dress apart from the rest is the extra thick

Sexy Santa Corset & Skirt Costume

faux fur that trims the hem, cuffs and hood which really demands attention. I like that it can be worn as regular holiday attire anywhere you go or to a Christmas party. If you aren’t looking to show off so much leg in your winter wonderland, just add some black leggings! Also check out the version with black faux fur trim for a more sultry appearance!

3. Anything with the J. Valentine Furry Legwarmers! I am a big fan of the faux fur leg warmers with pom-pom ties. The opportunities are endless as you can wear then over your bare legs, hosiery or leggings! They have become extremely popular as clubwear, but make for a festive accessory with your everyday wear over leggings or with a Christmas costume. The Christmas collection from J. Valentine includes the Holiday Striped Fur Legwarmers, Jingle Bell Legwarmers, Sexy Santa Pom-Pom Legwarmers, Pink Holiday Pom-Pom Legwarmers, Gold Holiday Pom-Pom Legwarmers, Silver Holiday Pom-Pom Legwarmers and the Metallic Silver Striped Furry Legwarmers.

One of my favorite parts about the J. Valentine Christmas costumes is that you can purchase each piece separately to create a unique ensemble using the mix-and-match method. A great example is the White Holiday Hooded Fur Jacket can be paired with any of their dress, bikini or skirt sets. Are the faux fur trimmed mini skirts too short for your liking? No problems – just add some fun holiday leggings, petticoat or pantyhose. And those fun, furry legwarmers go right over your leggings and shoes for a playful finish. At the end, you have a one-of-a-kind Christmas costume that is all of your own creation.

The best part is is offering free shipping on all of the J. Valentine products and there is no sales tax! So go ahead, let it snow in your winter wonderland since you will be heating things up this holiday season.

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Happy Holidays!

Quote of the Day: “Santa is very jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live.” – George Carlin, American Stand-Up Comedian


Lady Gaga Costumes for Little Monster Fans

August 29, 2011

Lady Gaga costumes, wigs and accessories at

The latest line of officially licensed Lady Gaga costumes, wigs and accessories for 2011 have recently been introduced on You will find a selection of the celebrity inspired outfit designs from the Judas and Born this Way music videos and live performances.

Lady Gaga continues to raise the bar and set new standards with her music and costumes. She has taken the music industry by storm with her ever-changing sense of style in music, fashion, performance and music videos. While pushing the boundaries with her eccentric fashion sense, Lady Gaga’s costumes have brought performance art into mainstream. Now with the new selection of Lady Gaga Costumes from, little monster fans can change the world one sequin at a time!

New for 2011, the Lady Gaga Skeleton Tuxedo Costume was designed after the outfit she wore during her Michael Jackson impression in the Born this Way music video. The Lady Gaga Skeleton Tuxedo Costume features a black jacket with strong power shoulders, white tuxedo shirt front, black bow tie and black trouser pants with flared leg. Designed to mimic the tuxedo outfit worn during the dancing skeleton scene of the provocative Born This Way music video, the Lady Gaga Tuxedo Costume is quickly proving to be a favorite.

The Lady Gaga 2011 Gold Grammy Costume includes a metallic gold fabric cropped top, matching long sheer chiffon jacket, mini skirt with long sheer chiffon overlay skirt and an oversized wide brim sun hat. It was designed after the 2011 Grammy Awards outfit that the pop princess wore when breaking out of an egg to perform Born This Way. The Lady Gaga 2011 Gold Grammy Costume is a sexy midriff bearing outfit that fans can use to show friends they were just ‘Born this Way’!

Our selection of Lady Gaga costumes continues to grow. A few of the other outfits include the Blue Swim Suit from Poker Face, American Flag Bikini outfit from Telephone, Black Sequin Asymmetrical Dress from her Fame Monster Tour performances, Prisoner Dress from Telephone and a 2-piece White Outfit from her VMA Awards Paparazzi performance. I believe we can only expect to add more Lady Gaga costumes to our selection with the continued success of Lady Gaga and her eccentric, jaw-dropping costumes.

There have been a variety of new Lady Gaga Wigs that have been released for 2011 as well. The hairstyles include those from performances, music videos and VMA Awards. I believe one of the most popular for 2011 will be the Lady Gaga Side Ponytail Wig from her skeleton dancing scene in the Born this Way music video. Other new styles include the Biker Wig with Bandana from the Judas video, Yellow Tour Wig and a two-tone black and blonde wig. These new Lady Gaga accessories have been added to our existing selection of officially licensed hair bow clips, lightning bolt make-up kit, wrist gloves, GAGA sunglasses and head scarves to enhance Lady Gaga costumes with all the small details.

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Quote of the Day: “I don’t view myself as outrageous – that’s not the intention. Its to be more and more original.” Lady Gaga, Allure Magazine


Costume Spotlight: Hot Rod Pin-Up Girl Photos

July 19, 2011

Character: Velvet Cheetah Costume
Accessories: Net Backseamed Pantyhose, Auburn Red Pin-Up Girl Wig

Model: Nova
Location: Rob’s Hot Rod Garage

Take a flash back with us to the 1940s and 1950s when fashion was an art form and the silhouette was the hourglass. The 40s and 50s pinup models were known for their tasteful yet alluring outfits with an aesthetic that embodied style and sophistication. Also known as cheesecake girls, they were both sexually alluring and slightly innocent and coquettish. Modern pinup girls continue to be immensely popular with hot rods and custom cars so we decided to spotlight vintage inspired fashion alongside some freaking awesome cars. Lucky for us, we had the opportunity to drool over some beautiful lines in Rob’s Hot Rod Garage – a 1933 Plymouth Coupe and a 1929 Ford Model A Roadster.

We chose the sexy Velvet Cheetah Pin-Up Costume from our new 2011 costume collection. This seductive and sexy Velvet Cheetah costume proved to be the cat’s meow for our hot rod pin-up girl theme. The Velvet Cheetah Pin-Up Costume includes a velveteen leopard print mini dress with an attached cat tail and belt with round jeweled buckle, elbow-length glovelettes and a headband with ears. It really brings out the wild animal within so I was able to let my feline prowess shine next to those sweet hot rods! This sexy pin-up girl costume combines the sweet with the sultry in leopard print and stretches to hug all your curves. I loved how it combined the 1950s pinup with a modern twist. The deep-V gathered bodice compliments any bust size for an unapologetic femme fatale.

The essence of the hot rod pin-up girls was captured nicely by our photographer in the photoshoot. “The sexy backseam pantyhose following those long legs, the curve hugging leopard print dress, the perfect seducing face of the model with those hotrod red lips that scream pin-up, the flirting position of the poses on the hot rod car, that hand resting on those sexy hips… the pictures really capture what modern pin-up is all about,” our photographer exclaimed after the pin-up girl photoshoot with the hot rod cars. She added, “My favorite feature on the pin-up girl costume was the plunging V-neck with a halter strap that flirts with the neck and the ruched front. I also love the BOLD leopard print!”

Pin-up girls and custom hot rod cars go together like yen and yang. This is probably because it is all about the curves. The curves of the pin-up girl compliment the curves on the car. The attitude a pin-up girl has with the car can really convey a true scene. And I admit, I really felt the attitude of the 1933 Plymouth Coupe and the 1929 Ford Model A Roadster in that garage. Those hot rods really set the vintage pin-up mood on fire for both myself and the photographer. With a wicked cool backdrop and the vintage inspired Velvet Cheetah Costume, I am happy to share with you our hot rod pin-up girl photos from the shoot!

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Quote of the Day: “To err is human, to purr feline.” ~Robert Byrne, American Author


Spotlight: Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume

November 15, 2010

Character: Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume (Tim Burton design)
Accessories: Button Spat Leg Warmers, Alice in Wonderland Costume Wig, Wonderland Rabbit Plush Costume Purse

Model: Kelly Ruiz
Photographer: Tim Vo
Location: Irvine, CA

We’ve received word about a new adventure in Wonderland that sent Alice Kingsley out of the rabbit hole a different woman. Ms. Alice Kingsley of Wonderland has come back feeling confident, sexy and ready for her next adventure. Let things continue to get more curiouser and curiouser.

The Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume offers the Tim Burton movie design, but in a shorter style with a form fitting and curve hugging fit. It still has the signature baby blue dress featuring lace short sleeves with the Victorian-era lace neckline trimmed in black ribbon. This sexy Alice dress comes complete with a blue headband with black bow and an attached black petticoat. When Kelly Ruiz was modeling the flirty version of the Mia Wasikowska dress, she was impressed by the quality of the costumes stating that it was one of the better costumes that she has worn and adding that it fit really nicely.

We accessorized the costume with thigh high stockings, a curly blonde wig and a white rabbit purse to add to the look of this classic fairytale character. Model Kelly Ruiz agrees that the Button Spat Leg Warmers are a must! She added, “They fit perfectly with the costume and are way cuter than any you could buy at a store!” The thigh high leg warmers feature acrylic buttons running vertically down the sides and are completed off with a functioning belt and buckle at the top. The long curly blonde hair on the costume wig will add an authentic look to your Alice in Wonderland movie costume and comes complete with a removable black headband. You can mix and match with the one included in the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland costume.

Kelly was going for an innocent and cute look in some of her pictures and then a sexier, confident look in the others. Photographer Tim Vo agreed that he was working on showing that Alice is sexy,  but she doesn’t know it. He agreed that the leg warmers are super cute and sexy adding that he highly recommends completing your costume with them! CLICK HERE to see Tim Vo’s favorite shot. He stated, “This is my favorite photograph because Kelly looks totally hot in it and shows off the leg warmers well!”

Attend your next Fairytale or Costume party with the sexy Alice in Wonderland costume. The new confident and sexy Alice Kingsley is ready for her debut. Watch out Mad Hatter and Red Queen, the new Alice of Wonderland is on fire!

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Quote of the Day: “I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, Sir, because I’m not myself you see.” Alice, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951)


Alice in Wonderland Costume Magic

October 6, 2010

Shop our Alice in Wonderland costumes , Alice in Wonderland costume accessories.
Tim Vo
Location: Irvine, CA

We followed the white rabbit for an adventure in Wonderland that you won’t want to miss. The officially licensed Alice in Wonderland costumes from the 2010 Disney and Tim Burton movie have arrived! We didn’t miss a beat and set off for an Alice movie poster photoshoot. Photographer Tim Vo has really outdone himself with these awesome pictures featuring some of our favorite Wonderland characters.

Model: Whitney Rose
Character: Alice in Wonderland Costume
Accessories: Alice Kingsley Wig, White Rabbit Purse, Buttoned Spat Leg Warmers

 Alice Kingsley is modeled by Whitney Rose in our licensed Alice in Wonderland Costume. She loves the innocent and curious side of the movie character and portrayed this in her photos. Whitney loved the black embroidery that trimmed the blue dress and added, “The accessories totally make this Alice in Wonderland costume great!” You’ll agree when you see the golden blonde, curly hair that make up the Alice wig with included black headband. Alice is accompanied in this costume photoshoot with the famous white rabbit in a waistcoat who constantly reminded us that he was late for a very important date. The rabbit purse is a great way to carry all your personal belongings while staying in costume at the party!

The Alice in Wonderland costume includes the blue, long length dress from the Victorian-era with a full skirt petticoat and striped glovettes. I simply love how it resembles the Alice movie dress with the novelty shell button details, sheer puff sleeves and antique style lace around the neckline. The fingerless gloves replicate the light blue and black striped gloves that Mia Wasikowska wore in the Alice in Wonderland movie. This classy and beautiful Alice in Wonderland costume will set you apart from the crowd!

 Whitney’s favorite character on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland: The Cheshire Cat. He’s so cool and sexy.

 Model: Nikki Neither
Character: Mad Hatter Prestige Costume

The Mad Hatter is really brought to life by Nikki Neither in our officially licensed Mad Hatter Prestige Costume. She appreciated the quirkiness and playful off kilter attitude that Johnny Depp gave his character and put this life into her character. “I gave his character a silly sort of goofiness with plenty of odd faces and expressive poses,” Nikki explained. “I loved the bow tie that was included with the Mad Hatter costume and the coat part was so much fun to wear around. It works for a number of other costumes, too!”

The Mad Hatter Prestige Costume is an officially licensed Johnny Depp version and replicates the one worn in the Disney Alice in Wonderland movie directed by Tim Burton. With mismatched style and attitude, the Mad Hatter Costume includes a faux shirt front, jacket, pants, bow neck scarf and signature top hat with attached hair. You won’t believe all the attention to detail this costume has to offer. The jacket features colorful spool ribbons that appear to be hanging from the hatter’s jacket pocket, antique style lace around the sleeves and embroidery on both the trousers and the jacket.

Nikki’s favorite character on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie: The White Rabbit. He is so symbolic for me and a really cool character.

Model: Kelly
Character: Red Queen of Hearts Costume
Accessories: Red Queen Wig

The Red Queen of Hearts is sassier than ever with Kelly taking charge in our officially licensed Red Queen of Hearts costume. This costume replica would make Helena Bonham Carter who played her character on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland envious! I asked Kelly what her favorite trait was on the Red Queen and she responded with a chuckle, “The lips!” You’ll notice she brought them to life in some of her shots. “The Red Queen of Hearts wig was really fun to wear and it totally fits the character!”

The Red Queen of Hearts Costume is a regal dress that screams power and authority. The Red Queen costume is a Queen Elizabethan influenced frock that includes a long length dress with a full skirt petticoat, Queen of Hearts crown and elaborate collar that can be stood up. You will unmistakably become the villainous ruler of Underland at your next Alice in Wonderland costume party!

Kelly’s favorite character on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie: The Cheshire Cat has always been my favorite Alice in Wonderland character throughout all the books and films. But for the Tim Burton movie, the White Queen was a very close second.

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Quote of the Day: “Curiouser and curiouser.” – Disney’s Alice in Wonderland


Spotlight: Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume

September 7, 2010

I Love Being A Turtle - TMNT Raphael Costume

Character: Raphael Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume
Costume Accessories: Ninja Turtle Sais, Red Opaque Thigh High Stockings, Red Mary Jane Shoes, Curly Red Party Wig

I don’t live in the storm sewers of New York City, although I hear it is prime real estate, and I wasn’t trained by an anthropomorphic rat sensei, but I just had to try on the Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume as soon as I saw it arrived. You have Leonardo the courageous leader, easy-going and free-spirited Michelangelo and Donatello the technological genius. BUT – my choice pick was Raphael the team’s bad boy. The intense and rebellious nature of this TMNT is always one to grab a girl’s attention. Raphael was always one to kick butt and take names later.

I grabbed the red mask and wielded a pair of Sais for my moment in ninja turtle glory! The glossy, metallic green material really made this costume an eye-catcher for me.

Beware of Ninja Kick - Sexy Ninja Turtle Costume

The Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume includes a curve-hugging mini halter dress featuring a red ninja belt sash, turtle graphic detailing along the torso and a layered ruffle skirt. A matching turtle shell backpack, wrist bands and red eye mask complete this martial arts super hero ensemble!

Because the model advertising the costume wore thigh high red boots, I decided to try something a bit different. I added our red opaque thigh high stockings and red Mary Jane shoes to create a similar look and topped it off with a curly red wig for a fun twist.

So if you are looking for a comic book super hero favorite this Halloween, try on this sexy Ninja Turtle costume for the ladies! Remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series in the late 1980s and early 1990s? I’ve just learned that a third animated series will be released by Nickelodeon in a television show that will premiere in 2012. A new feature film is also in the works in a co-production between Paramount and Nickelodeon. So we can enjoy more crime fighting adventures of our TMNT heroes in the near future.

Let’s break for some pizza! Mmm…. KOWABUNGA!!

Quote of the Day: ” I made a funny!” Splinter, TMNT (1990)


Officially Licensed Lady Gaga Costumes Announced

May 8, 2010

We are excited to announce that we have been selected as an online retailer of the new officially licensed Lady Gaga costumes, accessories and costume wigs. Lady Gaga has taken the music industry by storm with her pop, dance and electronica genre songs. Whether you are going to cosplay or duplicate her performance clothes from hit singles Just Dance, Poker Face and Telephone, we will have a  Lady Gaga costume that will work for you. She never disappoints as she performs with big hair, heavy eye makeup and tight, revealing clothes. Dressed in our Lady Gaga costume, you will have your own little monster fan following. She is the first to thank her gay and lesbian fans for all their support.

Change the world one sequin at a time in your own Lady Gaga Halloween costume whether it be for dress up, a celebrity costume party or cosplay. Recreate your own bad romance through our costume remix. Lady Gaga never seizes to raise the bar and set new standards in the dance music industry.

JOIN OUR MAILING LIST FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF AVAILABILITY ON THE OFFICIALLY LICENSED LADY GAGA COSTUMES! Look toward the bottom of the Totally Costumes store page for the newsletter sign-up.


Lady Gaga Poker Face Blue Swimsuit Costume: This costume is designed to look like the blue one piece swimsuit wore in her Poker Face music video from the deep v neck to the cut out side detail, sexy open back and signature shoulder sleeves.

Lady Gaga 2009 VMA White Performance Costume:  This Lady Gaga costume is designed to look like the white outfit she wore for her 2009 Video Music Awards performance. Remember the white and bloodied outfit that shocked the world? Her face hidden behind a beaded masquerade mask (The Phantom of the Opera style) with feather horns, knee-high boots and a white belly bearing unitard with a single feathered shoulder pad? Well, this is now available with our Lady Gaga VMA White Performance costume which includes a white top with single sleeve, white hot shorts, matching boot tops and masquerade style eye mask.

Lady Gaga Telephone American Flag Outfit: This Lady Gaga costume will include the American flag print tube top and briefs with costume with, attached headband and red 4 finger wrist gloves. This Lady Gaga costume will replicate the one used in the Telephone music video starring Beyoncé.

The Lady Gaga Costume Wigs and accessories will include:

  • Lady Gaga Curly Bob Blonde Wig
  • Lady Gaga Curly Blonde Wig w/ Pink (this is great to pair with the white VMA outfit to resemble the blood used in the performance.)
  • Lady Gaga Long Straight Wig with Bangs (great for pairing with Blue Swimsuit costume)
  • Lady Gaga Blow Hair Clip (it looks like blonde hair in the shape of a bow to wear on top of your head)
  • Lady Gaga 2 Tone Blonde & Yellow Wig
  • Lady Gaga Red Lace Gloves (great for pairing with the red lace dress costume)
  • Lady Gaga Blue Gloves (great for pairing with blue swimsuit outfit)
  • Lady Gaga Glasses
  • Lady Gaga “GAGA” print glasses
  • Lady Gaga Red Headscarf , Black headscarf (this will look great paired with the long straight wig)
  • Lady Gaga Lightning Bolt Eye Make-up Kit: Includes 4 color tray, pencil, stencil sheet, sharpener, double-sided sponge applicator.

Quote of the Day: ” I’m already crazy. I’m a fearless person. I think it creeps up on you. I don’t think it can be stopped. If my destiny is to lose my mind because of fame, then that’s my destiny. But my passion still means more than anything.” -Lady Gaga, April 2010

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