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Tutorial: How to Make Tinkerbell Slippers

June 14, 2010

Written by April Buyer

Every pixie has to have a cute pair of slippers to go with her already gorgeous outfit, right? Well in just a few short and simple steps, you will have a pair of slippers that look just like Tinkerbell’s shoes! Now it is time to learn how to make your very own Tinker Bell slippers!

First off, you will need a few things:

  • A pair of slip on slippers
  • Some green fabric. (You will need about a yard).
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • (2) large-sized, white puff pom-poms (You can find them at any craft store! They usually come in a pack of 4.)

1. Now, this may all seem sloppy at first, but the end result is very beautiful. So don’t get frustrated! You are going to heat up your glue gun of course. While you are waiting for that, put one of the slippers on your foot. Then, take the fabric and lay it on top of your toe. Now there’s two ways you can go around this. One way is to take your hot glue gun and glue the fabric to the slipper and then just cut the excess fabric off. Then, you would take the fabric and cut out a large “U” shape and then glue it around the heel of your slipper and cover the rest. OR you can cut a hole into the fabric (Leave enough room around the hole to cover your shoe with). Stick your foot through the hole and then put your foot into the slipper and glue the fabric down that way. This is the method I used.

2. So you have your fabric over your slipper and your foot in the slipper. What you’re going to do is start by gluing the fabric to the TOE of your slipper. Then go to the outside of your foot, and glue the fabric over that side. Be sure to smooth it out as you go. Don’t worry if you have more than enough fabric bunching up at your heel. We will get to that bit later. After the outside, you’re going to start gluing the fabric on the other side. Continue to smooth the fabric out as you go along.

3. You’re going to end up with some fabric left over in the back. This is easily fixed. What you’re going to do is pull the excess fabric out and then fold it towards the inner side of your foot (The side of your foot with your big toe). Then you’re going to hot glue that down. Don’t worry about the seam! Every shoe has one. And since it’s on the inner side, it won’t show in any photos!

4. Now it’s time to get your foot out of there. VERY CAREFULLY cut a line from the hole that you made towards your toes. REMEMBER! Don’t cut into the slipper! Just cut far enough to where you can fold the fabric into the slipper (meaning under the top). You will do this again and make a “+” shape around the hole you cut into the fabric. Then you will cut the four pieces in half. You will end up with 8 flaps around your slipper.

5. It is now safe to take your foot out. Next step is to simply glue those flaps into the slipper! Simply fold them down and glue.

6. Almost done! Now it is time to cut the excess fabric around the slipper. Be sure to leave a good half inch as you cut the rest of the fabric away from the slipper. Then, put your slipper back on your foot and carefully snip lines around the slipper and simply glue them to the bottom.

7. Last and not least, the white pom-pom! Put a lot of hot glue on the toe of the slipper. Be sure it’s not at the very edge of your slipper; you want to see a bit of green on the toe! Then press down on it for a couple seconds. Make sure the pom-pom is secure before you take your foot out of the slipper.

Viola! You now have your very own, special pair of Tinkerbell slippers!

Thanks to April for sharing her seamstress skills with us all so that you can add this realistic touch to your own Tinkerbell costume whether for a cosplay event or for Halloween! View the Tinkerbell sexy fairy costume shoot that April modeled for in one of our spotlights!

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Quote of the Day: “This won’t do. What’s the matter with you? All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I forgot. Just a little bit of pixie dust.” -Peter Pan


Geonosis Padme Amidala Hair & Make-Up Tutorial

May 26, 2010

In Cosplay Character as Geonosis Padme

: Padme Amidala Costume (Battle of Geonosis) 

I really enjoyed the Star Wars: Attack of the Clones cosplay photoshoot  in my Battle of Geonosis Padme Amidala costume. My sister, Janae, applied her creative and artistic skills by giving me her hair and make-up. And, BOY, did that really take the Geonosis Padme costume the extra mile. It seriously added that important detail to put me in character and unmistakably recognizable. I have put together this hair and make-up tutorial so that you can replicate it for your Star Wars costume. A special thanks to Janae for all your time, help and mad skills to make this possible! 

PADME AMIDALA MAKE-UP (Geonosis Battle Style) 

    Make-Up Tutorial for Padme Amidala Geonosis

  1. Remove all piercings. 
  2. Begin by dabbing concealer on the problem areas first. By using concealer first, you get extra coverage. This is good for the black under the eyes, red noses, etc.
  3. Apply a natural even blend of foundation and top with loose powder using even strokes. Tip: Brush the powder over your face in a downward direction. Follow the direction of your facial hair so that you get the most even application.
  4. Use black eyeliner to line the top eye. Use a thin line along the length of the eyelashes. We replicated Padme’s make-up and used brown eyeliner to line the bottom eye. If you’re using a pencil, smudge the line with your finger so it looks more natural. Tip: Unless you have wide-set eyes, don’t line the entire lower lid. Instead, stop halfway across. To make eyes appear wider, trace the inner rims of the eyes with a white pencil or highlight the inner corner of the eyes with a light shimmer powder.
  5. Now apply a neutral, light pink eye shadow. Dab the corners of your eyes with a grey, smoky shade and carefully blend into the pink being careful as to keep the grey towards the corners. The darker color on the outer corners also adds depth and highlights your eyes.
  6. Blend in a neutral rosy blush on your cheeks, highlighting your cheekbones, but not overly so.
  7. Complete your Padme Amidala make-up by applying lip gloss. We used a natural colored lip gloss called “Nude Almond”.


Close-Up of Completed Hair Style

  1. With wet, washed hair, part evenly down the center and pull into low single ponytail.
  2. Tightly twist small individual strands of hair and bobby pin above and around ponytail. Get creative by looping twisted strands in and around other strands.
  3. Complete until all your hair is twisted into multiple strands and pinned.
  4. Curl ends of hair that were pinned. This will help cover the bobby pins, as well. As my hair dried, I also received added volume which also helped hide them. 
  5. (Optional) For an extra Star Wars flavor, we left a long strand of hair down located in the center of the ponytail and braided it. If you do not wish to do this and stay with the traditional Geonosis Padme hairstyle, just twist and pin every last bit of hair.  
  6. Add shine serum on top of hair to keep hair slicked back and fly away hairs tame. We added hairspray all around to guarantee the curls and twists stayed in place for the cosplay photoshoot.

Quote of the Day: “All mentors have a way of seeing more of our faults than we would like. It’s the only way we grow.” – Padmé Amidala, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 

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