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Happy Birthday to the Father of Steampunk!

February 8, 2011

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Born in 1828 on February 8th, Jules Verne was a French author who pioneered the science-fiction genre and influenced the Steampunk style from his 19th century scientific romances. His best known novels include Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, A Journey to the Center of the Earth and Around the World in Eighty Days. Referred to as the Father of Science Fiction, Verne wrote about space, air and underwater travel before air travel and submarines were even invented. Works of steampunk often feature the fictional machines found in the works of Jules Verne.

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that involves an era where steam power is widely used and takes place in the 19th century, often Victorian era Britain, and incorporates prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy. Steampunk costumes and fashion has also been rising in popularity recently at conventions found around the world with a growing movement towards establishing steampunk as a culture and lifestyle.

There are no set guidelines for Steampunk fashion and costumes, but they tend to blend modern styles influenced by the Victorian era. Steampunk costumes will include fashion items such as gowns, corsets, petticoats, suits with vests, coats, spats and military-inspired items. Adding some Steampunk influenced costume accessories accented with a mixture of technological points such as timepieces, goggles and ray guns. is really working on expanding their selection of Steampunk costumes and costume accessories this year. I’ve been amazed at the selection I see continually coming in through the door. The Steampunk costume accessories including a monocle with gears printed on lens, aviator goggles, suede coachman hats, satin top hats, parasols, walking canes, lace gloves, aviator caps, deluxe shoe spats and a large selection of many other 19th century Victorian era Steampunk costume accessories.

So to one of the inspiring founding fathers of Steampunk costumes and fashion…..  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULES VERNE!

Shop the Steampunk Costume Accessories

View the Steampunk costumes slide show below for some of my favorite Steampunk fashion compilations.

Quote of the Day: “Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real” ~Jules Verne (French Author, 1828-1905)

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Create a Macarena Girl Fiesta Costume

May 1, 2010

"Maracas Mariachi" - Macarena Girl Costume

Cinco de Mayo is coming up this Wednesday, May 5th! I was looking to create a fun fiesta costume for all the Mexican themed parties. The first animated character I thought of was Macarena from the same titled song. I pieced together my own costume creation of a wild and red hot Macarena girl for my Cinco do Mayo costume!

I describe the Macarena dance as a sort of Mexican line dance. It is danced in rhythm to the song named Macarena by Los del Rio. It refers to a woman labeled as “Magdalena” describing her as being sassy and sensuous. One of the versus translates as “Give your body some joy, Magdalena, because your body is for giving joy and good things, too!” This Macarena dance remains one of the most popular dance routines of any club single!

Cinco do Mayo costumes have become very popular at parties and I wanted to make sure I had my own unique version. You can create your own version of the Macarena Girl costume for your Cinco de Mayo party or use my version! I wore a Bright Red Peggy Sue costume wig, Cactus Bopper headband and a mini sombrero hat for my headpiece while adding some Tequila Shot Glasses for eyewear. I found a mini skirt and green tank top in my closet and topped it off with a serape poncho costume. What is a Mexican fiesta costume without a poncho? For more festive accessories, I added some green and red chili pepper costume jewelry necklaces, wood maracas and patent red & black platform high heels. Tada – I give you the Macarena Girl Costume for your next Mexican themed or Cinco de Mayo costume party!

View all of our Cinco de Mayo costume accessories for more Mexican themed accessories or you can browse our Cinco de Mayo costumes for pre-packaged complete sets.

Quote of the Day: “Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.” -Dorothy Thompson, American journalist and radio broadcaster

Tequila Shots Costume Glasses

Mexican Serape Poncho & Sombrero Hat

Black & Red 6″ High Heels

Black Mini Sombrero Hat

Cactus Boppers Headband

Bigfoot is Staying Alive – Colorado Sighting

March 29, 2010

With the limited proof available, it is no wonder that America is curious about the Bigfoot Sasquatch monster. Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin filmed the first Bigfoot video footage in October of 1967 at Bluff Creek, California. Bigfoot sightings have since been reported, but no more viable video footage or pictures that would stand as scientific evidence have surfaced. The Legend of Bigfoot is still a favorite folklore story that holds a mystery that is yet to be discovered.

In light of the upcoming April Fool’s Day, I set off on my own Bigfoot adventure in southwest Colorado in hopes of my very own Bigfoot sighting. I am excited to be able to show you my Bigfoot video footage that I captured. Yes, Bigfoot is staying alive! This dancing Sasquatch costume video is sure to bring the classic Bigfoot story back into your world. Please pass along the video and let us know what you think!

Thanks to for providing the Bigfoot Costume and the Men’s Disco King Costume! This dancing Bigfoot has never been so happy to be alive!

Quote of the Day: “Nothing is too good to be true, nothing is too good to last, nothing is too wonderful to happen.” – Florence Scoville Shinn, Artist / Metaphysical writer

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Create an Easter Candy Bunny Costume

March 25, 2010

Easter Candy Bunny Costume Creation

Hippity-hoppity Easter’s on its way! And everywhere we go, we see Easter candy and Easter bunny costumes. Have you got your Easter bunny costume ready for the big Egg Hunt and your Easter party event? I was looking for something more than the classic versions and decided to create my own. What did I come up with? This year I decided to sport my own Easter Bunny costume creation which I named the “Candy Bunny” costume.

I am wearing the Sexy Candy Girl Costume with included pink leggings, White Fishnet Fingerless Arm Warmers, Bunny Accessory Set and Adult Pink Hearts Wig. I found some candy jewelry to add to my Candy Bunny look. Who says your Easter Bunny costume has to be traditional? IMPROVISE and create your own!

The Candy Girl costume was perfect for my own twist on the Easter bunny costume. The white dress gave me a bit of that

traditional Easter Bunny feel, but also featured candy “dot”

Nova loves Easter Bunny Salad

details in blue, yellow and pink pastels along with a pastel striped skirt to give me all the Easter candy colors I was after! The Pink Hearts Costume Wig gave me a blonde updo with bright pink streaks. The Easter Bunny Costume Accessory set included the poseable floppy ears, bunny tail and the polka dot bow tie for the bunny flare! I was looking for a bit more white to go with all my pastel candy colors, so I completed the look with my white fingerless glovettes. Put all this together and you get the Candy Bunny costume!

Have you ever created your own unique twist on a traditional Easter character costume? We would love to hear from you with your ideas and past creations!

Quote of the Day: “Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” -Bo Bennett

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