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Furry Hoods for Costume, Clubwear and Holiday Fun!

December 13, 2011

With the holidays upon us and feeling the festive spirit of Christmas, the search for a festive and versatile accessory to flaunt this winter began. I became an instant fan of the new furry hoods the moment I saw them at! Let’s face it, the cold weather is here to stay for a while and now is the time to bring out all of our favorite sweaters! Heat things up by enhancing your everyday winter wear with a Furry Costume Hood. Not only will they dress-up your everyday wear, they make a festive holiday accessory for your clubwear or Christmas costumes.

We offer a large selection of faux fur hoods to choose from with styles varying from animals, pom-pom ties, light-up ears and attached paw scarves. The furry costume hoods come from trusted brand names such as Leg Avenue and J. Valentine. You can’t go wrong with Leg Avenue working to make each woman feel confident yet sexy and J. Valentine taking the fashion industry by storm with high quality items proudly made in the USA. All of their furry hoods are created with faux fur or fake fur alternatives so you don’t need to feel concern for our furry friends!

Not only do they provide warmth and are soft to the touch, they are fun, festive and fashionable! The faux fur Spirit Hoods have been seen on celebrities such as Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Pink, Vanessa Hudgins, Fergie, Khloe Kardashian and Bruno mars to name a few. With Spirit Hoods starting in price at $119, it is no wonder that theLeg Avenue and J. Valentine Furry Hoods have been best sellers with their $19.99 – 58.99 price range.

If you are looking for something especially for Christmas, look no further than the Plush Reindeer Hood by Leg Avenue. It is both furry and fabulous! The Plush Reindeer Hood features brown, shaggy faux fur and is adorned with two plush deer ears, velveteen antlers and pom-pom ties. Let your inner holiday reveler shine with a warm and cuddly fashion statement!

Some of the best-seller furry wolf hoods here at are the Gray Wolf Fur Hood, Arctic Wolf Hood and Shaggy Brown Wolf Hood with paw scarf. These wolf hoods have been selling as fast as they can be brought in for the holidays. Each of the Furry Wolf Hoods feature shaggy faux fur, ears and either a paw scarf or pom-pom ties. The Unicorn Hood from the Josie Loves J Valentine collection was a new arrival for Halloween and proved to be a customer favorite for 2011! J. Valentine included Holiday Fur Hoods to their Christmas collection in color choices of gold, silver and pink.

Indulge in fun and festive fashion for the holidays using one of our Furry Hoods. They are an extremely versatile accessory with options of wearing with your everyday wear, clubwear or costume!

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Quote of the Day: “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” – Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States


J. Valentine Christmas Costumes Heat Things Up!

December 5, 2011

White Holiday Bikini & Skirt Set, Hooded Jacket and Pom-Pom Leg Warmers by J. Valentine

Deck the halls with plenty of sex appeal in our new collection of J. Valentine Christmas costumes. This 2011 collection of sexy Christmas costumes is ready to bring the holly jolly spirit of the holidays to the streets! J. Valentine is referring to it as the biggest party of the year and has created beautifully festive designs for you to strut your stuff through the streets. I have to agree that the right Christmas costume can really infuse one with the holiday spirit as well as make the event so much more fun!

The sexy Christmas costumes by designer J. Valentine feature a collection of Santa-inspired dresses, coordinating bikini sets, skirt ensembles and furry leg warmers with pom-pom ties. Flaunting around in any one of these sexy Christmas costumes is sure to put you on Santa Claus’ naughty list. The clubwear-inspired designs will have you looking like a hit at the holiday party or at the club. I am going to introduce you to some of my favorites (not listed in any specific order)!

1. Sexy Santa Corset & Skirt Costume – It includes a red stretch velvet corset featuring black lace-up torso, side zipper and sweetheart neckline trimmed in white faux fur and a matching mini skirt with deluxe faux fur hem. This flirty and festive Mrs. Claus costume is sure to heat things up at any holiday event, Christmas party or to fa-la-la your special muse. I would recommend adding a Santa hat and petticoat (sold separately) to complete it!

2. Sexy Santa Hooded Mini Dress with Thick Trim– Made of high quality red stretch velvet and deluxe white faux fur, this hooded mini dress features long sleeves, thick black grommet buckle belt and a flirty zipper front that extends to the mid-section for that extra low cut! What really sets this sexy Santa dress apart from the rest is the extra thick

Sexy Santa Corset & Skirt Costume

faux fur that trims the hem, cuffs and hood which really demands attention. I like that it can be worn as regular holiday attire anywhere you go or to a Christmas party. If you aren’t looking to show off so much leg in your winter wonderland, just add some black leggings! Also check out the version with black faux fur trim for a more sultry appearance!

3. Anything with the J. Valentine Furry Legwarmers! I am a big fan of the faux fur leg warmers with pom-pom ties. The opportunities are endless as you can wear then over your bare legs, hosiery or leggings! They have become extremely popular as clubwear, but make for a festive accessory with your everyday wear over leggings or with a Christmas costume. The Christmas collection from J. Valentine includes the Holiday Striped Fur Legwarmers, Jingle Bell Legwarmers, Sexy Santa Pom-Pom Legwarmers, Pink Holiday Pom-Pom Legwarmers, Gold Holiday Pom-Pom Legwarmers, Silver Holiday Pom-Pom Legwarmers and the Metallic Silver Striped Furry Legwarmers.

One of my favorite parts about the J. Valentine Christmas costumes is that you can purchase each piece separately to create a unique ensemble using the mix-and-match method. A great example is the White Holiday Hooded Fur Jacket can be paired with any of their dress, bikini or skirt sets. Are the faux fur trimmed mini skirts too short for your liking? No problems – just add some fun holiday leggings, petticoat or pantyhose. And those fun, furry legwarmers go right over your leggings and shoes for a playful finish. At the end, you have a one-of-a-kind Christmas costume that is all of your own creation.

The best part is is offering free shipping on all of the J. Valentine products and there is no sales tax! So go ahead, let it snow in your winter wonderland since you will be heating things up this holiday season.

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Happy Holidays!

Quote of the Day: “Santa is very jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live.” – George Carlin, American Stand-Up Comedian


Costume Spotlight: Hot Rod Pin-Up Girl Photos

July 19, 2011

Character: Velvet Cheetah Costume
Accessories: Net Backseamed Pantyhose, Auburn Red Pin-Up Girl Wig

Model: Nova
Location: Rob’s Hot Rod Garage

Take a flash back with us to the 1940s and 1950s when fashion was an art form and the silhouette was the hourglass. The 40s and 50s pinup models were known for their tasteful yet alluring outfits with an aesthetic that embodied style and sophistication. Also known as cheesecake girls, they were both sexually alluring and slightly innocent and coquettish. Modern pinup girls continue to be immensely popular with hot rods and custom cars so we decided to spotlight vintage inspired fashion alongside some freaking awesome cars. Lucky for us, we had the opportunity to drool over some beautiful lines in Rob’s Hot Rod Garage – a 1933 Plymouth Coupe and a 1929 Ford Model A Roadster.

We chose the sexy Velvet Cheetah Pin-Up Costume from our new 2011 costume collection. This seductive and sexy Velvet Cheetah costume proved to be the cat’s meow for our hot rod pin-up girl theme. The Velvet Cheetah Pin-Up Costume includes a velveteen leopard print mini dress with an attached cat tail and belt with round jeweled buckle, elbow-length glovelettes and a headband with ears. It really brings out the wild animal within so I was able to let my feline prowess shine next to those sweet hot rods! This sexy pin-up girl costume combines the sweet with the sultry in leopard print and stretches to hug all your curves. I loved how it combined the 1950s pinup with a modern twist. The deep-V gathered bodice compliments any bust size for an unapologetic femme fatale.

The essence of the hot rod pin-up girls was captured nicely by our photographer in the photoshoot. “The sexy backseam pantyhose following those long legs, the curve hugging leopard print dress, the perfect seducing face of the model with those hotrod red lips that scream pin-up, the flirting position of the poses on the hot rod car, that hand resting on those sexy hips… the pictures really capture what modern pin-up is all about,” our photographer exclaimed after the pin-up girl photoshoot with the hot rod cars. She added, “My favorite feature on the pin-up girl costume was the plunging V-neck with a halter strap that flirts with the neck and the ruched front. I also love the BOLD leopard print!”

Pin-up girls and custom hot rod cars go together like yen and yang. This is probably because it is all about the curves. The curves of the pin-up girl compliment the curves on the car. The attitude a pin-up girl has with the car can really convey a true scene. And I admit, I really felt the attitude of the 1933 Plymouth Coupe and the 1929 Ford Model A Roadster in that garage. Those hot rods really set the vintage pin-up mood on fire for both myself and the photographer. With a wicked cool backdrop and the vintage inspired Velvet Cheetah Costume, I am happy to share with you our hot rod pin-up girl photos from the shoot!

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Quote of the Day: “To err is human, to purr feline.” ~Robert Byrne, American Author


Spotlight: Sexy French Maid Costume

July 9, 2011

Character: French Kiss Maid Costume

Model: Heather
Photographer: Janae Peterson
Location: The Pridy House

Bonjour! We decided to spotlight a sexy ensemble that is timeless in the world of dress-up! So without further ado, I am happy to spotlight our sexy French maid costume photoshoot. The Deluxe French Kiss Maid Costume by California Costume is part of the Eye Candy collection and certainly ranks up there with the best of sexy Halloween costumes. Janae stated that not only was the model so much fun to work with and the setting of the Pridy House so beautiful, but that the sexy French Maid costume was great to work with.

The sexy French Kiss Maid Costume includes a black mini dress with an attached off-the-shoulder ruffled sleeves, attached white apron with black lace overlaid white bows and a matching black and white French Maid headpiece. The sexy French Maid dress features a white insert over the torso with a black lace overlay, three crystallized-looking black buttons and a black bow over the chest. The sexy French Maid costume gives plenty of attitude with the wide shoulder straps and attached off-the-shoulder puff sleeves. The puff sleeves feature a white lace overlay and the elastic armbands offer a nice fit for different sized arms. The attached white apron ties into a large bow in the back and ruched sections on both sides give it the ultimate French Maid look.

Heather mentioned that it was comfortable to wear and easy to slip on since there is no zipping or buttoning required. She added, “It looks very sexy and you will definitely make your ‘monsieur’ a happy one!”

The sexy Halloween costume doesn’t stop there! Janae added the White Traditional Lace Petticoat byLeg Avenuefor a more frilly and full skirt appearance. She said it certainly wouldn’t look complete without it! The black Net Backseamed Pantyhose byLeg Avenue was used for the hosiery choice. Made of lycra industrial net, the stretchy fishnet pantyhose with backseam really sets the sizzling hot French Maid costume on fire! Of course, Janae topped it all off with a French Maid Feather Duster accessory prop!

Dust away the competition at any party with our sexy French Kiss Maid costume.

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Quote of the Day: “When your dreams turn to dust, vacuum.” -Author Unknown


Spotlight: Little Pig Infant Costume

July 2, 2011

Character: Baby Pig Costume

Model: Eli
Photographer: Janae Peterson
Location: MontroseCO

That little piggie went to the market, but this little piggie stayed home and enjoyed dress-up play! And he enjoyed it just as much as we did! As we all know, dress-up role play is a great method of encouraging imaginative play with your child. And what better way to do it than with vibrant colors and farm animals?

We decided to do our next costume photoshoot with a farm animal costume since it is summer and spending a day on the farm sounded like fun. Eli was dressed in our Little Pig Infant Costume from Charades while photographer Janae Peterson worked her magic. We both agree that this is one of the cutest kids’ Halloween costumes we have seen in a while and those pudgy baby cheeks inside of it made it all the more charming.

The baby pig costume is made of pink micro fiber and was easy for Eli to move around in since the material was thin. It didn’t frustrate him like the fluffier and thick baby Halloween costumes have in the past. There was nothing to irritate the skin on the inside since the fabric was so extremely soft. There were plastic snap buttons on the inner legs to make for convenient diaper changes. A pair of footsies are included that are designed to look like cloven pig hoofs.

When asking Janae about her favorite part of the baby pig costume, she thought it was the amount of detail mentioning that the costume flaunted a curly pig tail and that the pig hood couldn’t get any cuter with the pink leather-like patches inside the ears, googly eyes that move, soft plush pig snout and a secure fit with neck tie closures. She suggests wearing clothes underneath for colder Halloween nights since the material of the baby pig costume is thinner and won’t keep your infant warm as it is for dress-up.

We enjoyed watching Eli play in the baby pig Halloween costume photoshoot and we know you will, too! The nice think about this farm animal costume is that you don’t have to have a farm or a ranch to enjoy this adorable piglet! Go hog wild this Halloween and enjoy dress-up play with your infant through the magic of costume!

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Quote of the Day: “I am very proud to be called a pig. It stands for pride, integrity and guts.” -Ronald Reagan


Spotlight: Sexy Aphrodite Greek Goddess Costume

February 11, 2011

Character: Sexy Aphrodite Greek Goddess Costume
Accessories: Lady Roman Sandals , Gold Laurel Wreath , Gold Roman Arm Cuff

Model: Ashley Roa
Photographer: Tim Vo
Location: Fullerton, CA

The Ides of March comes around every year on the 15th of March in the Roman calendar. It was a festive day full of celebration dedicated to the god Mars. But today it is better known as the date that Julius Caesar was killed by the Roman Senate. March 15th was a bad day for Julius Caesar, but a great way for us to have fun in costume at a Toga Party! Guests come to party dressed in Roman toga costumes to become citizens of Rome for an evening whether it is of the Animal House variety or a more classical “Hail Caesar” style.

With the growing popularity of Roman toga costumes and Greek costumes, I wanted to spotlight one of our sexy Greek Goddess costumes. Photographer Tim Vo and model Ashley Roa captured Grecian beauty in our Sexy Aphrodite Greek Goddess Costume. Mythology has never looked so good. Our sexy Greek Goddess costume is sure to get you in the mood for love or lust at the next Toga party. It includes a white ruffle-hem mini dress trimmed in metallic ribbon and chain detail with tiered skirt and delicate chiffon sleevelets. Both Tim and Ashley agree that you are sure to make an entrance in this sexy Greek Goddess costume.

The sexy Greek Goddess costume really came together with the Greek goddess costume accessories. We added our Lady Roman Sandals, Gold Laurel Wreath headpiece and a Gold Roman Arm Cuff to achieve a goddess appearance worth of Ancient Greece. Greek goddesses are fun to accessorize with the gold contrasting the pure white Greek costumes and the strappy sandals wrapping up the calves.

The Greek costumes are generally white gowns or toga robes wrapped around the body in either a classic style or in a modern twist. The accessories for a Greek goddess or Roman toga costume should be gold in color to accent the costume in a more traditional manner. Doing a little research into the history of your Roman citizen or Greek Goddess for the Toga costume party makes the process more fun and gives you a great conversation piece. Grecian women most commonly have wavy, brunette hair making a Costume Wig another great addition to really complete your costume.

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Quote of the Day: “Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior.” ~Socrates , Ancient Greek Philosopher (470 BC – 399 BC)


Spotlight: Wicked Red Riding Hood Costume

January 25, 2011

Character: Wicked Red Riding Hood Sexy Costume
Accessories: Fishnet Thigh Highs with Backseam , Traditional Lace Petticoat

Model: Lillian Eakes
Photographer: Tim Vo
Location: Orange County, CA

With the release of the new live-action fairy tale Red Riding Hood on March 11, 2011, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to share an exclusive photo shoot we did of our Wicked Red Riding Hood Costume from the sexy line of Be Wicked Costumes. Photographer Tim Vo and model Lillian Eakes brought a saucy new sex appeal to a fairytale classic character, Litte Red Riding Hood. Through our exclusive photo shoot collection it looks as though the not-so-innocent Lil Red is exploring the forest in search of the Big Bad Wolf. Temptation is at his door with this sexy Little Red Riding Hood costume.

Our sexy Red Riding Hood Costume from Be Wicked includes a stretch lycra mini dress, black waist cincher laced with red ribbon and a red hooded shoulder cape. The sexy Red Riding Hood dress features a sweetheart bust line and thin tank straps. The signature red hooded cape fastens in the front with a red ribbon. For costume accessories, Lillian added fishnet thigh high stockings, black heel pumps and our Traditional Lace White Petticoat.

The vibrant red colors of the Wicked Red Riding Hood costume contrast beautifully amongst the lavish, wooded landscape. Lil red seems to be watching and waiting. Perhaps even tempting the Big Bad Wolf in her sexy new costume. This caped cutie certainly doesn’t seem to be just on a journey to grandmother’s house. She looks perplexed, possibly about her intentions of wandering out into the woods again.

There has been a lot of hype about the gothic twist on the Brothers Grimm fairy tail, Red Riding Hood. Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company picked up the rights with “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke signing on to direct. Amanda Seyfried will don the cape for Red Riding Hood in this dark retelling of the famous children’s tale. As described in our previous post, the drama thriller Red Riding Hood is set in a medieval village that is haunted by a werewolf. Here is the second trailer that was released last Thursday for the Red Riding Hood movie starring Amanda Seyfried, Shiloh Fernandez and Gary Oldman.

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Quote of the Day: “Hey there Little Red Riding Hood! You sure are looking good. You’re everything a big bad wolf could want.” Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, Li’l Red Riding Hood lyrics.

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