Katy Perry Costumes Will Melt Your Popsicle!

August 25, 2011

Katy Perry costumes, wigs and accessories at TotallyCostumes.com!

Everyone here at TotallyCostumes.com is excited to announce that we are one of the authorized retailers for the new officially licensed Katy Perry costumes, wigs and accessories. The selection includes designs from the California Gurls costume collection.

Katy Perry costumes continue to grow in popularity and are in high demand for 2011 by the celebrity singer’s enthusiastic group of fans. There are always news headlines on the pop songstress with comments pertaining to her vintage fashion sense. It is no surprise that her colorful wardrobe has caught the attention of designers who created Katy Perry Halloween costumes for the consumer. There is plenty of candy to go around with our selection of Katy Perry wigs and costumes which include the candy and cupcake inspired outfits from her California Gurl music video.

I believe the Katy Perry costumes and wigs will be among the most popular choice for 2011 with her chart topping California Gurls music video making history. After all, the Katy Perry costumes will allow both adults and kids to discover the magical world of Candyfornia!

With plenty of retro pin-up glamour, the Katy Perry California Gurl Cupcake Costume is fun and flirty. The Katy Perry Costume includes a light blue bikini top featuring attached molded cupcakes and sparkling faux denim booty shorts. The cupcake bra top and bedazzled daisy dukes are recognizable as the outfit she wore in the California Gurls music video when Katy Perry was dancing on Candyfornia’s sugar beaches.

You will also find the Whipped Cream costume that Katy Perry wore in the California Gurls music video to fight the Gummi Bear army that terrorized Candyfornia. The Katy Perry Whipped Cream Costume includes a cherry red bra top featuring attached and working whipped cream can dispensers and matching red sequin booty shorts with attached garter. The working whipped cream cans shoot silly string so you can make a big BANG at your next party!

The selection of Katy Perry wigs boast of her retro style and were inspired by the concerts and music videos of her Teenage Dream tour. You will find her varying hairstyles and vibrant colors including blue, purple and her signature black. The hairstyles of the Katy Perry wigs feature her blunt cut bangs and will range from short, straight bob cuts to long with soft curls. A few of the Katy Perry wigs come in blue or purple and feature hair covered heart headbands.

Shop our selection of Katy Perry Costumes and Wigs.

Quote of the Day: “Daisy dukes, bikinis on top, sun-kissed skin, so hot we’ll melt your Popsicle!” ~Katy Perry, California Gurls lyrics.


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