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Pics from Customers: Halo Master Chief Costume

October 25, 2010

Fabian giving camera Master Chief pose

One of our customers shared a few photographs of their son dressed in one of our Deluxe Halo Master Chief Costumes. It was a hit  and he had a blast posing in his Halo costume for pictures to share. Fabian is a 9 yrs old 4th grader  who is very outgoing and receives straight A’s at his Elementary school. He loves all things Halo and has even collected many Lego Halo sets and built them all himself.

Fabian in Halo Master Chief Costume

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Master Chief, he is a fictional video game character within the Halo universe. It is a first-person shooter game and he is a playable character within the science-fiction story line. You’ll never see him without his green armor suit or helmet and is described as a Clint Eastwood-type character … a man of few words. Voted as the eighth greatest video game character ever by gaming magazine Electronic Gaming monthly, relative newcomer Master Chief has become a video game icon amongst a line-up of established characters that have been around for quite a spell.

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Quote of the Day: “I was gonna shoot my way out. Mix things up a little.” Master Chief, Halo 3


Alice in Wonderland Costume Magic

October 6, 2010

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Tim Vo
Location: Irvine, CA

We followed the white rabbit for an adventure in Wonderland that you won’t want to miss. The officially licensed Alice in Wonderland costumes from the 2010 Disney and Tim Burton movie have arrived! We didn’t miss a beat and set off for an Alice movie poster photoshoot. Photographer Tim Vo has really outdone himself with these awesome pictures featuring some of our favorite Wonderland characters.

Model: Whitney Rose
Character: Alice in Wonderland Costume
Accessories: Alice Kingsley Wig, White Rabbit Purse, Buttoned Spat Leg Warmers

 Alice Kingsley is modeled by Whitney Rose in our licensed Alice in Wonderland Costume. She loves the innocent and curious side of the movie character and portrayed this in her photos. Whitney loved the black embroidery that trimmed the blue dress and added, “The accessories totally make this Alice in Wonderland costume great!” You’ll agree when you see the golden blonde, curly hair that make up the Alice wig with included black headband. Alice is accompanied in this costume photoshoot with the famous white rabbit in a waistcoat who constantly reminded us that he was late for a very important date. The rabbit purse is a great way to carry all your personal belongings while staying in costume at the party!

The Alice in Wonderland costume includes the blue, long length dress from the Victorian-era with a full skirt petticoat and striped glovettes. I simply love how it resembles the Alice movie dress with the novelty shell button details, sheer puff sleeves and antique style lace around the neckline. The fingerless gloves replicate the light blue and black striped gloves that Mia Wasikowska wore in the Alice in Wonderland movie. This classy and beautiful Alice in Wonderland costume will set you apart from the crowd!

 Whitney’s favorite character on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland: The Cheshire Cat. He’s so cool and sexy.

 Model: Nikki Neither
Character: Mad Hatter Prestige Costume

The Mad Hatter is really brought to life by Nikki Neither in our officially licensed Mad Hatter Prestige Costume. She appreciated the quirkiness and playful off kilter attitude that Johnny Depp gave his character and put this life into her character. “I gave his character a silly sort of goofiness with plenty of odd faces and expressive poses,” Nikki explained. “I loved the bow tie that was included with the Mad Hatter costume and the coat part was so much fun to wear around. It works for a number of other costumes, too!”

The Mad Hatter Prestige Costume is an officially licensed Johnny Depp version and replicates the one worn in the Disney Alice in Wonderland movie directed by Tim Burton. With mismatched style and attitude, the Mad Hatter Costume includes a faux shirt front, jacket, pants, bow neck scarf and signature top hat with attached hair. You won’t believe all the attention to detail this costume has to offer. The jacket features colorful spool ribbons that appear to be hanging from the hatter’s jacket pocket, antique style lace around the sleeves and embroidery on both the trousers and the jacket.

Nikki’s favorite character on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie: The White Rabbit. He is so symbolic for me and a really cool character.

Model: Kelly
Character: Red Queen of Hearts Costume
Accessories: Red Queen Wig

The Red Queen of Hearts is sassier than ever with Kelly taking charge in our officially licensed Red Queen of Hearts costume. This costume replica would make Helena Bonham Carter who played her character on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland envious! I asked Kelly what her favorite trait was on the Red Queen and she responded with a chuckle, “The lips!” You’ll notice she brought them to life in some of her shots. “The Red Queen of Hearts wig was really fun to wear and it totally fits the character!”

The Red Queen of Hearts Costume is a regal dress that screams power and authority. The Red Queen costume is a Queen Elizabethan influenced frock that includes a long length dress with a full skirt petticoat, Queen of Hearts crown and elaborate collar that can be stood up. You will unmistakably become the villainous ruler of Underland at your next Alice in Wonderland costume party!

Kelly’s favorite character on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie: The Cheshire Cat has always been my favorite Alice in Wonderland character throughout all the books and films. But for the Tim Burton movie, the White Queen was a very close second.

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Quote of the Day: “Curiouser and curiouser.” – Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

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