Spotlight: Speed Demon Sexy Racer Girl Costume

September 21, 2010

Built for Speed - Racer Girl Costume

 Character: Speed Demon Sexy Racer Costume
Accessories: Fishnet Pantyhose, Sexy Black Go-Go Boots 

Model: Allison Tan
Photographer: Tim Vo
Location: Asylum Motorcycles in La Puente, CA 

Gentlemen, start your engines! Things really revved up when Allison stepped foot in the garage wearing her sexy racer girl costume. She looked like she was suited up in the race track’s sexiest uniform. Not your typical biker babe, this woman is a true motorcycle girl with a need for speed. She owns a black Kawasaki Ninja 250 that she rides nearly everyday. When I asked her what she likes most about street bikes she responded, “They look sporty and are fun to ride. Good gas mileage, quicker than my truck and it gives me a sense of freedom.” 

For our Racer Girl Costume Photoshoot, we decided to spotlight the Speed Demon sexy racer costume. This 2-piece sexy racer girl costume included a black romper with checkerboard printed trim that run down the collar and long sleeves. A bright yellow stripe runs vertically on each side of the racer girl romper and comes complete with racing inspired badges around the piece. The plunging v-neck cut neckline of the sexy racer girl costume reveals the yellow triangle bikini top which you can display as much or as little as you want. “I loved the checkerboard details on the sleeves and the included faux belt,” Allison added. 

Iron & Leather - Racer Girl Costume

Perfect for a costume party or a trip to the race track, the Speed Demon racer costume is fun to dress-up with added accessories. Allison recommended adding your favorite fishnet pantyhose followed by, “The fishnets looked hot!” For those worried about finding the right size, you will be happy to know that the fit of the curve-hugging costume was true to size! 

The racer girl photoshoot itself was epic and everyone had so much fun working together. Photographer Tim Vo’s favorite part of the shoot was the bikes. “The other thing I like photographing when I’m not shooting for TotallyCostumes.com is motorcycle or car racing action.” He has a need for speed, too! “Everything came together really well for this. Allison was a great to work with and, as usual, was absolutely fearless.” He added that the image ‘Built of Speed’ was his favorite. “Everything is so perfect – the lighting, her look, the pose.” 

You WISH you rode like a girl – Racer Costume

Tim Vo, Allison and all of us at TotallyCostumes.com are extremely thankful to Andy at Asylum Motorcycles for letting us use their facility and providing bikes and personnel. Tim Vo threw out a special thanks to Howard for assisting throughout the shoot. Allison added, “Howard at Asylum Motorcycles was helped me with my costume as well as demonstrated and helped me pose!” 

I would like to close this post with a mention that I am happy to see a growing number of women motorcycle riders. I think most everyone will agree that there is almost nothing better than seeing girls on motorcycles. Show your support for the sport at the next costume event or trip to the track by wearing a sexy racer girl costume. Our pick would be the speed demon due to its form fitting features, checkerboard details and the character it stands for. 

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Quote of the Day: “Real women don’t have hot flashes, we have power surges.” 

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